Words of wisdom


Jesus And Mary Convent School, Greater Noida

  • APPRECIATES the good in others.
  • BRAVES the challenges and difficulties of life.
  • Is COURTEOUS to everyone: submissive to the elders, friendly with her/his peers and gentle to the juniors.
  • DOES her/his best while seeking God’s blessing and other’s help.
  • ENCOURAGES others in the pursuit of common goal.
  • FOLLOWS high ideals and strives for excellence.
  • Is GENTLE in his/her dealing with others, kind in thoughts, words and deeds.
  • Is always HONEST, overcoming the urge to lie and cheat.
  • INSISTS on fair play, courageous in defeat, applauding the victorious opponent.
  • Does not JUDGE anyone from hearsay.
  • Is KIND in thought, word and deed.
  • LENDS a helping hand at home, in school and to those in need.
  • MAKES stepping stones of failures.
  • NEVER puts for tomorrow what she/he can do today.
  • OBSERVES his/her personal time-table faithfully.
  • Is always PUNCTUAL, punctilious and peace loving.
  • Is QUICK to apologize and slow to take offence.
  • RESPECTS the old, the poor, disabled and strangers.
  • STRIVES to develop her/his potential to the full.
  • Is TRUTHFUL and trustworthy at any cost.
  • URGES the weak, lazy, less-talented to emulate heroes of ordinary life.
  • VENERATES the image of God in every human being and seeks God’s blessing and other’s help.
  • Is WILLING to accept whatever work is assigned.
  • WORK FOR THE COMMON GOOD, the good name of his/her family, school, neighborhood, town and state and above all the honour and glory of the Motherland.
  • By belonging to this school I shall be loyal to it. It shall be my constant endeavor to uphold the honour and the traditional of my school.
  • I shall conduct myself with due respect to the school authorities and staff, greet them and obey their legitimate orders.
  • As cleanliness is next to Godliness, I shall be clean and take good care of my books and other belongings. I shall keep my school and its surroundings as clean as possible.
  • I shall never use bad language but always speak politely. Using ‘Sorry’, Thank You’, ‘Please’, ‘Pardon Me’, ‘May I’, ‘Can’t, etc. as often as I can.
  • I shall not leave the class without the teacher’s permission and the school without the Principal’s permission.
  • I shall not eat or chew anything during the class.


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