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Jesus And Mary Convent School, Greater Noida

PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE “Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is No Education at all” said Aristotle. Jesus and Mary Convent School from its inception has undertaken the big challenge of educating thousands of hearts in this northern part of the country to become good citizens and humble human beings at the service of the nation and humanity.

“The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives” (Robert Brault). It is true that the birth of a child brings joy and happiness to the parents and all other members in the family. But as they grow there are ups and downs. The care, education, future all become gradually a matter of anxiety and at times difficult for the parents. In this process the school which is said to be ‘a home away from home’ plays a pivotal role.

In Jesus and Mary school we follow a transformative process of education. Because each child who enters into this campus comes with great expectation of being transformed into a good human beings. This transformation takes place in the able hands of our skilled and loving teachers. The teaching and learning process in the classroom, games sports, cultural and other activities in the school provide opportunities for children to bring out their talents and develop themselves.

The counseling facilities in the school help them to grow emotionally mature and stable. Because emotional maturity and character formation is important for personality development.

As educators our task here at Jesus and Mary school is to help the children to accept themselves as they are and accept criticism and failures as stepping stones to success. We try to build their self confidence and self esteem so that they are well prepared to face the challenges and plunge into the ocean of opportunities that are in front of them.

To make our dream come true and to get the best out of education a collaborative approach is necessary. The school management and teachers together with the cooperation of the parents only can make all our efforts success.

As I have taken charge as the second Principal of this school I gratefully acknowledge the committed service of all my predecessors. May God bless them all.

Together we can achieve a lot. I pray that God may assist us in all our endeavors and bless us. May Jesus our Master and Mary his mother be the guiding source to each of us.

Thanking you all,


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